High Doses of Prozac Helps Neighbors Resolve Parking Disputes

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Well, it seems the cranky drivers over in Bernal Heights have finally found something to help resolve their parking drama: anti-depressants.

If you've parked anywhere in Bernal Heights in the last year, then you know exactly what we're talking about; residents in this fine hamlet have been known cope with problematic parkers (i.e. blocking driveways, calling tow trucks) by leaving passive-aggressive notes on cars.

But as Bernalwood astutely notes today, there seems to have been a bit of an attitude adjustment as of late, and perhaps we have the pharmaceutical companies to thank for that.

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Thumbnail image for nice-parking-note2.jpg
Courtesy of the badass Bernalwoodpress
Thanks, drugs!
Look, there's even a little happy face scribbled there, expressing the kind of joy Prozac can bring us all.

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