Presidential Debates: The Top 5 Internet Memes

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The presidential debates always give voters so much more than insight about the candidates -- it gives them fodder, and more fodder to turn political discourse into Internet entertainment.  

And after last night's final debate -- which included and some fun stuff, like horses and bayonets, and Mitt Romney's crawling perspiration -- we decided to go ahead and give you a recap with highlights from all three debates before you head to the polls on Nov. 6.

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What do Romney and Clinton have in common? Binders full of women, perhaps. As we saw during the Democratic Convention, Bill Clinton can talk and talk and talk. Maybe the only thing that might stop Clinton from droning on is a binder full of women.
Romney truly made his mark as a hardcore Republican in the first debate, when he bluntly stated he had no qualms about putting Big Bird and the rest of the muppets (that'd be the 47 percent?) out of work.
If we learned anything during the debates, it's that Jim Lehrer can't moderate worth a damn. In fact, next election, Big Bird should do the mediating, since he'll be out of a job.
Another educational display that went viral, just because it's the Internet. Scary, but not as scary as Romney's comments about how poor people are freeloaders.

And finally, the Obama horses and bayonets zinger. Everyone is talking about how the president "sank" Romney's battleship when he briefed the governor on how the military has evolved since 1916.

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