Local Parents Not Exactly Tickled About Anti-Semitic Elmo Visiting Kids at Parks

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Ranting Elmo scares another kid
Some San Francisco moms and dads are understandably worried about taking their young'uns to the park after hearing the infamous ranting Elmo has reportedly made his way to San Francisco.

As the Richmond neighborhood blog notes, a man dressed up in an Elmo costume appeared at Rossi Park over the weekend where he hugged children and then broke out in his own version of song and dance, hurling obscenities and racist remarks around the park.

Parents were already concerned by this strange character and his bizarre demeanor at the park; they called police, who arrived just as the man was stripping off his big red fluffy costume.

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Here's how one parent described "Elmo" at the park:
As he passed all of us to leave he started yelling obscenities and anti-Semitic slurs. He just went nuts.
Police left without arresting Elmo, but as soon as they disappeared from his sight, he began his offensive tirade again, this time in front of about 60 kids playing soccer. The cops came back -- with six squad cars, no less (!) -- to get rid of the not-so-warm-and-fuzzy muppet.

It seems this Elmo has quite a (shady) past. If you read the New York Times, then you might have already seen this story about a man who calls himself "Mr. Sandler" and dresses up in an Elmo costume at Central Park. He was busted on camera in New York City back in June performing his usual skit of anti-Semitic slurs.


Now there's a muppet for Mitt to go after.

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