Occupy Now Has Trading Cards

Coburn Palmer
Since they can't camp out anymore, Occupy has come up with an old-school way to keep up the fight against the 1 percent. The group has created their very own trading cards, chewing gum not included.

It's just what you would expect on an Occupy trading card: names, stats, and misdeeds of people the movement considers to be "financial criminals."

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So where can you get your very own set? Occupiers are handing cards out at the group's Federal Reserve Building campsite, which was recently raided and broken down by police.

Some might consider these trading cards the most clever gimmick coming out of the Occupy Movement as of late. However, OccupyILWG -- which stands for Ideological Liberation Working Group -- claims it's just trying to sprinkle a little fun and humor in the its fight against the 1 percent, according to its website.

Along with their names, pictures, and biographical information, the cards also list the so-called "crimes" of the person (aka how exactly they've bilked the average American out of their hard-earned dollars).

Appropriately enough, these trading cards have no value.

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Rob Nagle
Rob Nagle

No chewing gum? I wish I was a 1 percenter ...

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