Nudists to Descend on City Hall to Show Their "Naughty Bits," Which They Call Art

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Is this the work of art?
Public nudists are planning to strip down once again and head to City Hall -- all in the name of art. That's right, the Castro's legion of nude men are now claiming their naked bodies are no different than any other fine craft on display.

In short, consider this event a quasi art show. And hey, it's free.

Naked people say they will be out there to show city officials that Supervisor Scott Wiener's proposal to ban public nudity is "totally un-San Franciscan." They claim the Castro rep is interfering with their artistic abilities, if you will.

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And here's how they explain it:
This legislation is an attack on San Francisco Art and Culture.  It affects everyone's freedom. Remember: as an artist working in nude themes 100 years ago you would have had to put fig leaves on the "naughty bits."  That type of thinking is coming back unless we resist.
We called Supervisor Wiener to find out 1. Does he like art? and 2. What does he consider art?

"So they are saying walking around your neighborhood without your pants on is art? I totally disagree with that," Wiener told us.

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Or is this the work of art?
He assured us he does like art, but just "not that" kind of art. We're guessing he also isn't a fan of Michelangelo's marble statues or da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.

The naked men are planning to bring classical nude paintings to the Tuesday afternoon protest to remind the city supervisors (in case they forgot) that the "human body is sacred and beautiful, and that an attack on our right to be nude is an attack on sacredness, beauty, love, freedom, art and creative self-expression."

After the "art show," nudists plan to hold a naked art contest so local artists can show us all how nudity in art is just as alive now as it was in the times of the classic masters.

Winners (not to be confused with "wieners") will be announced at an after-party at 7 p.m. at the Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission (at 10th St.). The party will includes DJ Jules O'Keefe, food, and of course naked company. Artwork will be displayed at the after party as well.

All events are clothing-optional (come as bare as you dare).

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If you don't want to see naked people in public, I suggest you move to Walnut Creek or Belmont.   Don't bring your uptight, puritanical values to San Francisco.

Paul Varga
Paul Varga

Yeah, such as a grandfather clock, only theirs hang lower.

Mitch Lopez
Mitch Lopez

What about people who don't want to see naked people around the city? It's about mutual consideration. I had to deal with a nude guy who almost bumped his junk in the face of my 3y/o. If he did I might have gone to jail. Not everyone wants to see naked people in public.


you mean the naked guys are finally going to do their thing in another neighborhood and give the castro a break?   amen.   i hope they like the civic center enough to consider making that their camp for awhile. 

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