The 49ers Lost on Sunday, but at Least Their Cars Weren't Stolen

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Grand Theft Auto VIII: East Rutherford.
It was the 49ers' most lopsided loss of the Jim Harbaugh-era. The New York Giants ran the ball effectively and made Alex Smith look like the old Alex Smith, all the while closing the always-trivial Power Rankings gap with the Falcons (a dominant 26-3 win in S.F. versus a close 23-20 home win over the Raiders).

Still, it's quite possible the 49ers had a better weekend than football's Giants -- at least their cars weren't broken into or stolen.

Early Sunday morning, while the New York Giants were away on business, somebody cut the lock on an iron gate securing the team's training facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey and broke into five players' cars, NBC 4 reported. Another player's car, defensive tackle Marvin Austin' '96 Chevy Caprice, was stolen.

During road trips, according to the reports, the players usually leave their cars at the center's parking lot, which is overseen by a (possibly incompetent) private security firm. The burglarized vehicles had been left unlocked.

As NBC noted:

One player, offensive tackle James Brewer, tweeted Sunday night, "Only in Jersey can someone be heartless enough to break into my car while we are in Cali making fans proud."

The tweet, of course, has since been deleted.

Given how Jim Harbaugh reacted when N.Y. Giants' offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride suggested that Niners' defensive end Justin Smith illegally holds offensive linemen, it would be an interesting thought experiment to imagine what Harbaugh would do if somebody broke into his training facility and stole one of his players' cars.

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@SFWeekly Really can not explain what it is about this story that makes me laugh & smile.

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