Mike Garcia Shocked By $25,000 Spent on His Behalf

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It's raining money! But from whom?
Give a politician 25 big ones and you ought to at least get an inedible dinner out of it. But that's not the case for the Golden State Leadership Political Action Committee -- and it appears that's how they like it.

If the Santa Ana-based PAC sounds familiar, you might recall our story about how it was used as a conduit by an Indian tribe, PG&E, and others to funnel money into the race against the Coit Tower measure on the last ballot. (That measure won, despite more than $100,000 in late money going against it.)

Now the Golden State Leadership PAC has spent $25,000 on campaign materials and phone polling for District 7 candidate Mike Garcia. This, however, came as news to the candidate and his campaign consultant.

"Honestly, I've never heard of them," said consultant Chris Lee. "I'd followed pretty closely our opponent's [donations]. But I hadn't seen this."

Added Garcia, "I have no idea who they are." With a laugh, he said, "I am grateful! They must be a group of highly intelligent, well-informed citizens."

That's the thing about Independent Expenditure Committees -- they're independent.

A call to the number listed on the PAC's filing went to an accounting firm. The man on the other end said he'd pass a message to whomever was entitled to speak on the PAC's behalf.

A glance at the PACs filing with the Secretary of State notes no new contributions since July. It will be interesting to learn what utility companies, Indian tribes, or San Francisco entities have been giving to the Golden State Leadership Fund when those filings are updated.

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