Medical Marijuana Advocates to Protest Obama Tonight

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President Barack Obama sure does love the Bay Area. Northern California has proved to be a very handy ATM for the president, who is making yet another fundraising swing through San Francisco on Monday night.

And this one's special.

Medical marijuana activists angry over the yearlong federal crackdown on state-legal marijuana will make their presence known starting at 4:30 p.m. outside the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium today. Look for the puppet.

Hundreds of medical cannabis dispensaries across have shut down since the Justice Department began threatening landlords with property forfeitures and jail terms last September. The state's biggest dispensary, Harborside Health Center, is U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag's latest target, and is due in court this month.

In case you hadn't heard, California's medical marijuana community is feeling burned by the president, who said on the campaign trail in 2008 that he'd leave medical cannabis alone. Similar words from Attorney General Eric Holder gave medical cannabis users a sense of security, which has been steadily shattered over the past year. And addressing the issue hasn't been an Obama priority.

"Over the course of his presidency, California's medical cannabis industry has come under unprecedented attack," according to ASA executive director Steph Sherer. "Countless dispensaries have been closed or threatened by federal pressure. It is of paramount importance that we as a movement do not let this injustice go unanswered."

Activists from Americans for Safe Access and California NORML will gather at the corner of Grove and Larkin streets at 4:30 p.m. to welcome Obama, Waters, and their dinner guests, according to a Friday e-mail alert.

Who knows if this rally will accomplish anything, however, it's worth noting that there's nothing like being shouted at by a bunch of sick people to make a $20,000 dinner taste bitter.
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@DeekyMD Does this mean that Ralph Nader is on the ballot again? Oh wait... everyone knows that stoners are too lazy to vote.


Obama must hate marijuana or love donations from police unions, big pharma, and big booze companies. Just legalize marijuana! It is much better for people than prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco or bad illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, and meth. Great e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA - Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. This book has great recipes for easy marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints, only $2.99. 


knowa1 topcommenter

I wish Gary Johnson had a chance to debate because Obama and Romney would have to come out on  Cannabis May be it will happen on the  V P debates.    Its hard to believe I will have to vote Obama again but I know Romney would only be worse.  My only reason is a gamble that Obama has already paid the piper and not being able to run again might revisit the reason I voted I thought  he was a friend of the cannabis culture.  There are things brewing The court case of American For Safe Access vs. the DEA on its justification of Cannabis classification as scheduled # 1 the most dangerous with no medical benefits will have prove this in spite of thousands of years of safe effective and scientific facts.  This  putting into  redundancy of 70% of its mission.  October 16th 9:00 AM  Washington DC.  Will the candidates admit the truth?

kevin_hunt topcommenter

Obama has not been a friend to the Medical Marijuana industry, but Romney may be worse:


"Mel Sembler’s name is most likely to strike fear into the hearts of anyone involved in teen drug rehabs. Sembler and his wife, Betty, founded a chain of such institutions under the name Straight, Inc., which at its peak in the ‘80s had 12 clinics in nine states and a track record of extreme abuse.



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