Learn How Not to Fall Victim to That Weird Chinese Ghost Scam

Gascon definitely has the right hair for the job
The San Francisco District Attorney's Office has turned into part-time Ghostbusters, hoping to help curb the bizarre ghost scam that's hit the Chinese community since early this summer.

The DA is hosting another community forum tomorrow with the San Francisco Police Department and Adult Protective Services, where they'll educate seniors on how to protect themselves from being duped into handing over their cash and jewelry.

So if you are worried about these con artists scamming your loved ones, then head over to the meeting tomorrow afternoon. Here are the details:
The meeting will start at 1:30 p.m. at the Visitacion Valley Community Center, 66 Raymond (at Bayshore).

Earlier this summer, police arrested three women who they believe are responsible for scamming older, Asian women out of money and jewelry by convincing the women there were evil spirits attached to them. Despite those arrests, more victims have come forward as of late, reporting similar incidents.

In all the incidents, the suspects convince the victims to gather all their valuables in a bag and return with them for a "purification ceremony." However, those ceremonies turn into grand theft when the suspects return to the victims empty bags.

If you believe you've been a victim, call the cops now and report it. 

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mrericsir topcommenter

There's a weird ghost scam occurring all over the country where people congregate in rooms on Sunday and are encouraged to hand over their money. What is SFPD doing about that?


@mrericsir Since when is the SFPD responsible for the entire country?  The "SF" in SFPD is just for serving the city of San Francisco. In this particular case, this is an isolated event that happened here in the city and the people responsible have been apprehended. In terms of this happening all over the country, let the other law enforcement agencies handle it, they are more then capable.

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