Joanna Rees: S.F. Coulda Had a Mayor Who Does Splits, Jumps in Pools

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Joanna Rees by Luke Thomas splits.jpg
Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal
A split decision...
Our mayor cannot do the splits. He cannot do a handstand. He has, in all likelihood, never entered a swimming pool while clothed in garb other than swimming gear. 

We could have had otherwise. Alas. 

We missed it. But last week, vanquished mayoral candidate -- and former Duke University gymnast -- Joanna Rees allowed herself to be hurled into the ol' cement pond for the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Center's 20th Annual Celebrity Pool Toss, which raised $290,000. Rees didn't just amble into the water. She donned her collegiate gymnastics leotard and gave the audience a show. 

Joanna Rees handstand by Luke Thomas.jpg
Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal
In our infinite wisdom, we the electorate did not select Rees in last year's mayoral battle -- even after she demonstrated her flexibility at the Folsom Street Festival.

Just think, though: Wouldn't this have made Mayor's Question Time more interesting? 

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