James Bartley Accused of Beating Elderly Woman in Chinatown

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What is wrong with people?
San Francisco police tracked down the man they say viciously attacked a 94-year-old woman as she walked through Chinatown in broad daylight.

James Bartley, 52, was arrested this week on suspicion of aggravated assault, batter, elder abuse, and criminal threats, says Sgt. Michael Andraychak. He was booked in San Francisco County Jail; however, police would not release his mug shot.

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Police say the woman was crossing the street at Stockton and Sacramento about 3:45 p.m. on Saturday when Bartley allegedly approached her from behind and punched her in the head "for no apparent reason," according to police.

The woman fell to the ground and hit her head; she was taken to San Francisco General Hospital with a possible fractured skull and life-threatening injuries. Andraychak says the woman has been showing some signs of improvement, but is still clinging to life today.

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hplovecraft topcommenter

   Looks like being the ' most tolerant ' of U.S. cities may've become

a liability. This guy's out there on the loose and somebodies' name

is on it..Time for a lawsuit ( only this time 'justifiable'.).

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