Tell Your Fat Kid to Walk to School Today

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Forcing an American kid to put the remote down and exercise is like telling a public nudist to put his penis away.

But study upon study assures us that we're all fat -- and we're packing on the pounds by the minute. So here's a novel idea for all you kids out there: Get off your lazy, indulged rump and walk to school today.

Some 8,500 San Francisco kids are purportedly participating in today's International Walk to School Day, which is just what it sounds. Kids will be walking (more like sauntering slowly) to class.

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Naturally, these kind of events aren't motivating unless there's food and maybe a free iPad or something at the end. Yes, schools will be celebrating your walking success today. So now that you are inspired, here's your next step: Lace up your shoes and start moving already.

We promise it won't hurt ... which reminds us, watch out for Muni.

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@SFWeekly @NicoyaCharm LMAO!! The photo with the article though!! "Do the Truffle Shuffle!!!"


@Stefnilove One of the many, many reason I love @SFWeekly!

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