How Many Wieners Is Too Many Wieners in San Francisco?

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One Wiener
As of late, the news is all about wieners. If it isn't about Supervisor Scott Wiener, then it's public nudists showing off their wieners -- or worse -- headlines about Supervisor Scott Wiener complaining about seeing too many wieners in public. Needless to say, the last thing San Francisco really needs is to read about more wieners. 

But, alas, size does matter -- which is why we couldn't really pass up the chance to report on this very large wiener that's passing through town today: the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

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The 27-foot-long dog stopped in San Francisco and Daly City this afternoon, where "Kevin Bacon Bits" and crew handed out wiener whistles (because we all need one of those) and invited wiener-lovers to sign up for new Oscar Mayer contests. 

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Two Wieners
If you missed the 76-year-old Wienermobile today, no worries -- you can catch it down on the Peninsula tomorrow afternoon. Check the schedule here. Of course, if you choose to head down there, then you will be missing out on the public nudity rally Saturday afternoon in the Castro, where you will definitely see plenty of wieners. 

We put in a call to Supervisor Scott Wiener (guess why), and asked him what he thought about the Wienermobile.

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Three Wieners
"When I was in law school, the Wienermobile was randomly a block away at shopping center," Wiener says, adding that he had his photo taken with the large dog. "So that's my experience with the wienermobile."

He assured us that the timing of the Wienermobile's arrival in San Francisco right after the supervisor introduced a proposed ban on public nudity is sheer coincidence. 

"I think 'wiener' is much broader than that one definition," Wiener says.
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