Gregory Tyler Graniss Arrested on Suspicion of Smashing Muni Bus in World Series Celebration

muni arrest.jpg
Photo by Susana Bates via the Chronicle
Now look who's busted!
The good people on the Internet helped San Francisco police track down the dude who they say vandalized the hell out of a Muni bus during the World Series celebration on Sunday night.

A photographer snapped this photo of the ballsy vandal and the Chronicle printed the picture, asking for help finding the guy. The photo also went viral on Facebook and other social media sites, and an online campaign started to find the bus-smasher.

And it worked.

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Police were pleased to announce last night that they arrested 22-year-old Gregory Tyler Graniss on suspicion of felony vandalism and injuring or destroying a passenger transit vehicle.

Investigators say they got enough evidence related to the crime, which led them to the identity of the suspect. Graniss, a San Francisco resident, was arrested Tuesday at 7 p.m.; however, police wouldn't say what "evidence" was found at the crime scene since this is still an ongoing investigation.
Gregory Graniss mug shot.jpg
The party is definitely over
"This was a senseless act of destruction and there is no tolerance for such criminal behavior in San Francisco," says Police Chief Greg Suhr. "With assistance from the public, investigators moved swiftly to identify this suspect and make an arrest."
Anyone with information on the vandalism of the Muni bus is asked to call the Special Investigations Division at 553-1133, the anonymous tip line at 575-4444, or text- a-tip to TIP411 and begin the message with SFPD.

Now if only we could find the idiot who torched a Muni bus that same night.

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This is nothing compared to what Romney will do to public transportation.


Dollars to donuts this guy is an Obama supporter

EnoFan 1 Like

 Dollars to donuts you're an idiot.


I guess he's going to miss the parade...


No, wait, he was just pulling the fence OUT of the MUNI bus windshield!


Make an example of him.  Put him in a pillory at 24th and Mission and let people throw tomatoes at him.  Or better, give him the chair!


 @SFNative You MUST be kidding. How dare you post such absurd/outlandish suggestions. You may need to rethink what's wrong and right since you are so quick to preach such idiotic ideas.


How awesome is it the Village Idiot is sporting Giants orange for his mug shot? Go Giants!

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