San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series Prop Bets

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Albert Samaha

It's been a thrilling playoff run for the Giants. So thrilling that, by now, many fans may be numb to basic ebbs and flows of a baseball game. For those needing an extra jolt, here are some totally arbitrary prop bets for the 2012 World Series:

Over/Under (series total):

.250 -- Buster Posey's batting average
2 -- RBI's by Giants pitchers
1.5 -- hits by Tigers pitchers
1 -- Hunter Pence home runs
9 -- Marco Scutaro hits
2.5 -- times Tim McCarver says that Brandon Belt will one day win a Gold Glove award.
16 -- Justin Verlander strikeouts
4.5 -- Tigers errors
2.5 -- broken bats


+275 -- Buster Posey ends the series with a higher batting average than Miguel Cabrera.
-450 -- Derrick Jeter's injury gets mentioned at some point.
-350 -- Jim Leyland gets thrown out of a game before Bruce Bochy does.
+300 -- a game gets delayed by rain.
-250 -- Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval are on base at the same time more than Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder are.
-125 -- Santiago Casilla allows more earned runs that Jose Valverde.


25/1 -- Brandon Belt lands in stands on foul ball catch.
35/1 -- Someone gets Splash Hit.
50/1 -- Mitt Romney attends Tigers home game.
8/1 -- Mitt Romney claims to be a Tigers fan.
140/1 -- Tim Lincecum records the final out in a game.
350/1 -- Brandon Crawford hits a Grand Slam.
750/1 -- Prince Fielder bunts.

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