Here's How S.F. Nudists Would Dress, if They Did Wear Clothes

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Have you ever wondered what those Castro nudists would don if they actually did walk around like the rest of us -- with clothes on?

Well, wonder no more. This group of exhibitionist activists met with Supervisor Scott Wiener last week to talk about naked men roaming the Castro. The group went to his offices at City Hall and were kind enough to dress up for the occasion.

Even better, they thoughtfully snapped a photo of themselves in clothing for all to see.

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Courtesy of Mitch Hightower
We were expecting a loin cloth at most.

Hmmm. They kinda look like they just ripped off a Goodwill Store; they have a "Love Boat meets Abercrombie-turned-goth" thing going on. Oh, and the dude in the kilt doesn't need a Halloween costume -- he should just wear that crazy get-up.

Well, not too shabby for folks who don't exactly pride themselves on style.

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nullhogarth 1 Like

I would never parade around nude, for the reason that I have a healthy respect for the sensibilities of the people around me, unlike these quasi-sociopathic boobs.

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