Facebook Page Created for Women Who Don't "Like" Ross Mirkarimi

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Luke Thomas
Does she "like" him?
Ross Mirkarimi is quickly settling back into his post as sheriff, registering inmates to vote, and generally trying to get everyone to forget about his nine-month political and family drama with his wife.

But Erica Sedlander, a UC Berkeley graduate student, isn't letting the sheriff off so easy; she created a Facebook page this week dedicated to expressing her disappointment in the Board of Supervisors, who gave Mirkarimi his job back despite recommendations that he be fired. Specifically, the page -- which has 62 likes and counting --  targets the four city supervisors who voted to return Mirkarimi to the sherrif's office after he was convicted for false imprisonment during a domestic dispute with his wife last New Year's Eve.

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Per the Facebook page:
Many of us were stunned when four members of the Board of Supervisors voted to reinstate Ross Mirkarimi to Sheriff on October 9th, a man convicted of false imprisonment and child endangerment in a domestic violence incident against his wife and child. This man is now our Sheriff, one of our top law enforcement officers. He is on probation for his domestic violence conviction, yet he remains in charge of our domestic violence programs.He and the four Supervisors -- John Avalos, David Campos, Jane Kim and Christina Olague want us to "move on" and "work past this." Women and domestic violence workers have made things "overly politicized" says District Five Supervisor Christina Olague.
"I created this Facebook page as just one small way to help us to channel our disappointment at these four Supervisors for playing politics with women's lives, instead of standing up for women," Sedlander says. "These four Supervisors need to know that we are angry about this reinstatement.  We cannot let them silence us as women or roll back the gains we have made in our domestic violence laws and protections."

Some people agree:

 Others don't:
Do you like this page?

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Perhaps Ms. Sedlander could actually take time from her stunned state and read the city charter section at question. Then, being all graduate-studenty and everything, could google "constitutionally vague". Then perhaps, she might want to read the record,particularly the briefs from Shep Kopp and David Waggoner. It might help you understand the law. Is Ms. Sedlander one of Nancy Lemon's protegees? a woman who can't understand the difference between an arm grab and a "beating"??

hplovecraft topcommenter

 @craftlaw  Alright , already.. We get it.. You're hot for 'The Sheriff'

and want him in office...No problemo!!

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