Eric Mar: Video Targeting Supe Features Horde of Maniacal, Dirty Kids Banging Pots and Pans

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Vote for Happy Meals and strippers
When you have a last name of "Mar" and you push for inane legislation like banning Happy Meals, well, your bound to become the butt of many "he's living on Mars" jokes.

Needless to say, David Lee, Mar's opponent in the District 1 supervisor race, is capitalizing on both. An independent expenditure committee backing Lee released this extremely bizarre video targeting Mar and his complete disregard for children who love Happy Meals. If you ask us, the 210-second video could have easily been a clip from Children of the Corn.

Check it out:

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Inane legislation? Well, you are entitled to your opinion, as 'inane' as it is. But as far as I am concerned, that legislation was a bold endeavor that I would like to see more of. Obesity is an epidemic in this country and Happy Meals are an insidious way to addict another generation to unhealthy fare. This issue is being misused to taint Eric's excellent record representing his district and is merely a smokescreen for the greedy realtor's attempt to control the board of supervisors. Don't be fooled people.


This video is paid for by the REALTORS.  They are trying to buy the Board of supervisors and end rent control.  David Lee nothing more than a face in this effort.

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