Downtown Building Owner Tired of Graffiti Fires Back With This Excellent Poem

We always appreciate a healthy release of anger, especially when it takes the form of rhythmic verse.

Thanks to SF Citizen, which snapped this before-and-after photo of an empty downtown building that's currently the site of prolific graffiti, not prolific jobs.

The building:

SF Citizen
Words are a mother fucker
And after some building owner caught sight of that literary work in downtown, he or she wrote this poem for those "scumbags" that reads something like Eminem meets Robert Frost.

SF Citizen
Well, if there were more jobs to be had, maybe that would give these people less time to scrawl nonsense on buildings in downtown. Just a thought.
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hplovecraft topcommenter

Need to start writing 'poems' on the ballots too , come voting time

for city , county offices...

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