Eric Mar Pushed Domestic Violence Resolution -- on Eve of Ross Mirkarimi Vote

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The always-interesting Eric Mar
Next week, the political circus is coming to town. The Board of Supervisors will vote on the fate of Sheriff-in-Limbo Ross Mirkarimi, who grabbed his wife's arm in a domestic violence incident.

You might think it would be odd, then, to introduce a resolution relating to Domestic Violence Awareness Month at yesterday's Board of Supervisors meeting. But you're not Supervisor Eric Mar (Unless you are. Hello, Eric).

Mar thought better of his move -- perhaps with aid from a calendar. He says he will now likely introduce his resolution on Oct. 16, the week after the Board's big Mirarimi vote.

Mar tells us that his resolution regarding workplace domestic violence is something he's had in the pipeline for quite a while, but "we couldn't get the language together." By the 16th, he hopes to "combine Domestic Violence Awareness Month with that legislation. The City Attorney is working on the language with us."

The District 1 supervisor said he doesn't "see it raises any problems" to introduce such legislation on the eve of the Mirkarimi vote. Though "some people might see a potential conflict." Mar said he opted to hold his legislation after a discussion with Board President David Chiu.

His fellow supes put it a little differently. "Several of my colleagues persuaded him not to do this," said one. "People from both sides of the aisle."

You can argue about whether Mar's would-be resolution was timed well or badly -- but it was definitely interesting.

So's Mar.

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