Thief Snatches Unvaccinated Pup From SPCA, Reward Offered for Dog's Return

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Holy cuteness
Readers, please be on the lookout for Violet, a 10-week-old terrier mix who was brazenly snatched in broad daylight from the San Francisco SPCA yesterday afternoon.

Krista Maloney, spokeswoman for the SPCA, tells us that the brown-and-white pup had recently arrived at the adoption center after Animal Control found her abandoned in a garbage can. The puppy had just gotten spayed, but had not received all her necessary vaccines, including rabies.

"The SF SPCA's staff members are very concerned for her well-being," Maloney said. "She has not yet received all of the vaccines necessary to be protected from fatal diseases such as parvo and rabies. Until she is old enough to complete the vaccine series she should not be allowed to walk on the ground, which is where the parvo virus can live, or socialize with unvaccinated dogs."

What's more, Violet was spayed three days ago and needs to be closely monitored after her surgery. The pup weighs about seven pounds and has microchip number of 982000197006884.

The case was filed with the San Francisco Police Department; the SF SPCA is reviewing the surveillance video footage with the hopes of releasing a photograph of the suspect soon.

The SF SPCA is offering a $500 reward for Violet's safe return. Anyone with information about Violet is asked to call the SF SPCA at 522-3507.
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