Debate Sways Youth Vote, According to New UC Davis App

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Today's college students overwhelmingly think that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden won their debates, according to a new app from the University of California at Davis that measures live student reaction.

No electrodes were used and no students were harmed in this experiment, but researchers did find that even though only half the students in Tuesday's poll identified themselves as Democrats, seven out of 10 of them thought Obama won the debate.

Meanwhile, six out of 10 students thought Biden won last week's debate.

With 2,300 students across 42 states taking part, 10 percent said they changed their mind about who to vote for, with two-thirds now supporting Obama.

Don't jump to any conclusions though, says app co-designer Amber Boydstun, assistant professor of political science at UC Davis. These are college students we're talking about, and they could very well change their minds yet again before Nov. 6.

The app does tell us that the debate may have swayed some independents' votes.

It lets users agree or disagree with the candidates' arguments with one touch of a button. It also allows them to call out the candidates when they think someone is spinning the facts or  dodging a question.

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