Current TV Considering Sale

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Another one bites the dust.

Al Gore's San Francisco-based liberal media outlet, Current TV, may soon be up for sale.

The network, which started life by catering to young liberals and crusading against global warming before filling its airwaves full of talking heads, may be ready to call it quits; or at least hand the fight off to someone else.

In an interview with the New York Post, CEO Joel Hyatt recently said that he had been approached three times this year by media companies wanting to buy Current.

That's probably a good idea, seeing as the left-wing news organization founded in 2005 by Gore and Hyatt has had a tough time making a profit, and was reportedly forced to lay off workers a couple years ago.

Currently their line up includes shows you've never heard of like Joy Behar: Say Anything, The Young Turks, Viewpoint, and the War Room, among others. And of course there's Gavin Newsom's show, which is on tonight at 11.

This is also the same outlet who had two of its reporters detained by the North Korean government a few years ago.

We'll keep you posted on this potential deal.

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njudah topcommenter

it was a nice idea, but because it was generally unavailable unless you bought a higher cost channel package on cable, it never had the viewership needed to sustain the programming. The talking-head stuff is one step above youtube, and you never hear the words "OMG I head this important thing on Current". A pity, because it could have been fun.

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