Christina Olague ... LOOK! A PUPPY! But It's Not Hers

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Awwwwwwww. Can I vote for the puppy?
It's not every day that a politician literally employs the "LOOK! A PUPPY!" routine. But, for Supervisor Christina Olague, this was that day.

District 5 residents awoke this morning to a fresh crop of door hangers glistening in the morning dew. And, upon them, was the above photo of the incumbent supervisor with an utterly adorable harlequin-faced pup.

When we asked Olague's campaign coordinator what the little rascal's name was, she had to admit that no one had any idea. That's because this isn't Olague's dog. Olague doesn't have a dog.

"It was an SPCA puppy, I believe," said Brooke Carpenter. "They sought it out in a pen and took a picture with it. It doesn't belong to anyone on the campaign."

Carpenter added that the photo was snapped two or three months ago, and the nameless cur was adopted later on that day. It is unknown who is currently housing Christina Olague's poster puppy.

As for the strategy of posing with an anonymous, random, but very cute puppy, we're chalking this one up to LOOK! A PUPPY!

And while Olague is currently not a dog-owner -- though she plays one in her campaign ads -- she hopes to adopt a corgi after the election.

"She saw a baby corgi when we were out campaigning and she fell in love with it," says Carpenter. "She decided that's what she wants to get."

Well, we just can't wait for the pictures.

Update, 11:40 a.m.: Supervisor Olague returned our call. She noted that she was "doing a photoshoot at Cole Valley and the SPCA was out for dog adoption. I thought he was so cute, but someone came along and adopted him."

Asked if it was sending an odd message to pose with a random dog in a photo, she replied "Not really. I woulda adopted him myself if someone else hadn't come along. He's just a cute dog and I wanted to send out a positive dog message. There are a lot of dogs in the district. I don't know. I just like dogs."

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@VoteForJulian @SFWeekly there's still time to pose with some cute goats over at the Presidio MUNI yard

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