Chia Obama Is Beating Chia Romney in the Polls

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If only you could plant the seeds

If you were freaked out by the ghoulish Mitt Romney Halloween mask that went on sale last month, check out the Romney Chia Pet. It's not cute.

The San Francisco-based company, Joseph Enterprises Inc., came up with the idea to green this election with the political plants, which among other things, has helped pundits guess who is winning the race to the White House. To date, Chia Obama is beating Chia Romney, 60 percent to 29 percent. 

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Those percentage are compiled from Internet and in-store sales at K-mart.

Why these are still selling we don't know, but Chia Gingrich is garnering a 0.3 percent and Chia Ron Paul has 0.5 percent.

In any event, why not go get yourself a terracotta candidate. Water him, love him, and watch him grow into the leader you want him to be.

Or here's some advice:

"If people buy both Chia versions of the candidates, they could do all sorts of creative things with them," says Joe Pedott, creator of the Chia Pet. "They could make their own videos featuring Chia Romney and Chia Obama -- they could stage their own debates."

Because that wouldn't be weird or anything.

Hat Tip: SF Citizen

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