Ben From Ben & Jerry's Is Trying to Make American Politics Taste Better

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If only politics were this yummy!
Generally, we only learn about Ben & Jerry's political positions whenever the delicious duo releases a new flavor. And just in time for this year's election, they released the SuperPack delight, a sweet confection that somehow is supposed to make you grossed out by how much money is funneled into American politics.

But because your civic duty doesn't end with shoveling a pint of ice cream down your throat, Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry's is taking this campaign out of the freezer and onto the streets, specifically the streets of San Francisco.

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This week, you might be lucky enough to spot Cohen driving around our fair city, giving away ice cream, and stamping nifty political messages on your dollar bills, if you let him. It's part of the ice cream guru's effort to get you and your dad's corporation to spend less money on politics -- which, incidentally would leave you with more money for ice cream.

The campaign, dubbed Stamp Stampede, is traversing the nation, asking Americans to use rubber stamps and print messages on their own money. Those messages will support a constitutional amendment to remove money from politics.

From Cohen himself:
It doesn't matter what issue you care about -- education, poverty, Wall Street, spiraling healthcare costs, you name it -- at the end of the day, the absolutely massive amounts of money in our politics is at the root of our problems That's why we have to stamp out the corrosive influence of money in our government and politics. You can trace the root cause of our problems to the fact that corporations and the wealthy place their thumb on the political scales with massive donations.
Cohen and his cohorts are distributing stamps along their journey. In addition, people can either design their own stamps at home, or they can purchase ready-made stamps here. You can also sign Ben & Jerry's Get the Dough Out petition to support ending the flow of big money into politics, here.

So go ahead, rip up that check you were planning to send to Obama, or Romney, or whomever, and go buy yourself a pint -- or five.

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Ben & Jerry deserves 5Stars,for their great ice cream and being real Americans.  And, if there are two sane citizens, there definitely has to be more, together we can pull the plug on Citizens United. 

Paul Varga
Paul Varga

You're waiting until THURSDAY to tell us it's 'this week'??

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