Ballsy Thief Attacks, Robs Multiple Drivers Stopped at Intersection in Portola

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The thief lurked around the San Bruno and Silver Avenue intersection Saturday night. Over a two-hour span, from 9:30 to 11:30 p.m., the thief snatched a handbag, an iPad, and a wallet from three respective victims, who ranged in age from 47 to 59.

His strategy was brazen and consistent: Approach the stopped car, whip open the presumably unlocked front door, and snatch whatever's in sight.

At 9:40 p.m., according to an SFPD newsletter, "a 52-year-old victim driver was stopped at Silver and San Bruno, getting ready to turn, when a suspect walked up to her car and opened her door. The suspect punched the victim numerous times in the face and grabbed her handbag."

He ran off. But he returned to the scene 52 minutes later. This time, "the victim was the passenger in the vehicle, and was playing on her iPad while seated in the car," stated the police summary. "The suspect approached the vehicle and opened the passenger door. He forcefully grabbed the iPad from her hands and took off on foot."

An hour later, he was back at the intersection. Once again, the victim sat in his car, waiting to make a turn at the San Bruno-Silver intersection. And, once again, the robber "approached his car, opened the driver's side door, and demanded money from the victim. He then punched the victim several times before reaching into his pockets and removing his wallet."

One of the "multiple" witnesses, according to SFPD, was able "obtain" the license plate number for the car the suspect had apparently been seen driving. Policemen visited the home linked to the vehicle and "found a suspect, who matched the provided description, outside of the home. He was detained and was positively identified by two of the three victims of the above mentioned robberies." He was booked on counts of robbery and aggravated assault.

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hplovecraft topcommenter

Why no name or photo of perp' ? Was he a white male , as pictured

in cartoon illo."?.. Will Sheriff Mirkarimi grant him priority in jobs and

housing , if required ?


@SFWeekly Seriously people...lock your car doors when you're driving...regardless of the neighborhood.

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