BART Idiot Hall of Fame Facebook Page Documents Badly Behaved Passengers

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And you thought this was annoying
If you ever actually wanted to experience the demise of humanity, look no farther than the Bay Area's public transportation system, where you will find passengers who poop in their pants (and on the train seats, escalators, etc.), riders who dedicate that last seat for their luggage, and drunks who seem to have mistaken the train seat for a pillow.

Obviously, all candidates for the BART Idiot Hall of Fame.

A group of highly offended passengers have chosen a healthy way to release their frustrations with unsavory BART riders by creating this genius Facebook page, dubbed the BART Idiot Hall of Fame.

Join that group, and you, too, can share photos and videos of complete assholes and idiots doing what they do best on BART -- pissing you off.

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According to NBC, BART rider Sean Farnanhall is the brainchild of this Hall of Fame; he snapped a photo of an offensive BART rider one day to prove to his friends that his commute was as repulsive as he had been describing. He posted the photo on Facebook, and the next thing he knew, there were thousands of followers documenting their own experiences of badly behaved BART riders, and thus the BART Idiot Hall of Fame was born. 

Here's the group's mission, according to its Facebook page:
Post photos / videos of idiots, jerks, assholes on BART that deserve to be publicly outed for ruining your commute and ...breaking the rules! This is a space to vent, laugh and discuss BART related issues in a constructive manner. This is a moderated group, posts deemed inappropriate will be removed. Those here to troll or stir up unnecessary drama will be removed. Warning: adult content, language and graphic images.
And now for some of our favorites:
BART Idiots Hall of Fame

BART Idiots Hall of Fame
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Cris Melo
Cris Melo

It's not a page, it's a group. This is a page.

Clarissa Ryan
Clarissa Ryan

I see a lot of badly behaved passengers taking photos and feeling superior to overworked and overtired people (as well as a few truly clueless and/or obnoxious people). I've seen a lot of bad behavior on BART, but I'm not impressed by the self-righteousness on display here.

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