Anti-Semitic Elmo Now Spotted at Fisherman's Wharf

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This kid isn't exactly tickled
Earlier this week, we told you about the not-so-warm-and-fuzzy Elmo who scared the hell out of some local parents after the life-sized muppet arrived at a park hugging kids and shouting racist slurs. Police didn't arrest Elmo, whose real name is Adam Sandler (no relation to the actor), which, of course, gave "Elmo" free reign to roam the rest of San Francisco.

And that's exactly what he's been doing. According to CBS, the anti-Semitic muppet has now been spotted on Fisherman's Wharf, delivering his usual song and dance of obscenities. The news team caught up with Elmo, who claims he came to San Francisco because "people are friendlier."

Well, yes, we are friendlier than people in New York City, where Elmo was recently arrested for his R-rated antics. But we're not that friendly -- or at least not welcoming enough to let an intolerant Elmo embrace our kids in the park.

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As the New York Times already reported, "Elmo" hasn't exactly been living clean on Sesame Street; he admitted that he had been deported from Cambodia in 1999 for running a pornography website called "Welcome to the Rape Camp."

"I did a website 12 years ago in Cambodia, over 18 [-year-old] chicks, so it's not even a crime," he said.


Here's some recent footage of the muppet wandering the streets of San Francisco:

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@avitalb Oh no! At least he should be easy to avoid. . .


@DeekyMD See, this is NOT an Onion story, and it isn't the first time Racist Elmo has been around, and I am having trouble with this.


Ex arrested rape porn site creator in elmo costume leaves NY for SF because people here are more tolerant. Meh... typical resident history.

Victoria Savage
Victoria Savage

Someone should get another costume, like the Cookie Monster and they can cuss each other out. lol


@paulrauber I kind of don't want to. The idea of him is so absurd that it makes me want to go and just stare.

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