10 Ways to Prove You Are a Real Giants Fan

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oompa loompa or Giants fan?
Mayor Ed Lee has officially declared it San Francisco Giants Pride Week, which means starting today he wants this city to be all orange-and-black all the time -- or at least until the end of the World Series.

The mayor doled out a few ideas for Giants fans to show they're excited to kick Detroit's ass, but nothing that your grandmother wouldn't do -- wave a flag, don a T-shirt, drink a beer. But that's just not going to cut it, if you ask us. We want to see your Giants edge, we want to see your Brian Wilson cuckoo.

So here's some of our ideas of how you can prove to the rest of San Francisco that you are, indeed, a devoted Giants fan.

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Detroit Tigers Fans' Thoughts on the Giants

  • Give an Eminem album to the less fortunate

  • Eat and drink only foods and liquids that result in all bodily fluids turning black or orange

  • Ladies, grow a Brian Wilson Beard
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  • Men, slip into a spandex penguin tux, snap a photo, then make it your OkCupid profile picture

  • Nudists, paint your dicks orange and black

  • Get drunk and spend your entire paycheck on Giants crap for you and your dog

  • Buy a UAW worker an Anchor Steam

  • Teach your dog how to say "Go Giants" and then put it up on YouTube

  • Spray paint your neighbor's house orange and black

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