Toilet Arsonist Sets Mobile Potties on Fire

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A couple of Porta Potties were torched early this morning in the Richmond District, which naturally leaves us with this burning question: Is the outhouse arsonist back?

As readers recall, back in 2009 a pooping pyro went on a hot streak, setting fire to more than a dozen Porta Potties throughout San Francisco. The ridiculous crime made international news, giving outsiders yet another reason to roll their eyes while muttering "only in San Francisco."

And while police eventually arrested on person in connection to several -- but not all -- of these burning toilets, it hasn't curbed interest in the crime.

The latest burning john was spotted early this morning about 1:07 a.m., when the U.S. Park Police saw two port-a-potties  on the corner of  32nd Avenue and Geary Boulevard "engulfed in flames."
Police alerted the Fire Department, which quickly extinguished the flames.

While the nauseating stench that lingers inside the mobile johns have certainly made us want to set fire to them, police warn that these small blazes can easily spread to nearby properties. In addition, it's money being flushed down the toilet; companies renting out these toilets have told SF Weekly in the past that each blaze costs them roughly $750.

In any event, whether today's fire is the work of the potty arsonist, well, only time -- or burning toilets -- will tell.

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