SF Fashion: Men in the Mission Actually Do Care About Style

Buddy Holly makes a comeback in San Francisco

San Francisco was once deemed the worst-dressed city in the nation. And that makes sense, considering we've kinda created the "Bill Gates had sex with a clown" look.

A decade into the millennium, however, it turns out many denizens of San Francisco actually do care about how they look -- yes they paid good money to appear as though they haven't showered today.

As you can see below, some dudes in the Mission can confirm that S.F. manages to pull-off the "we just don't give a fuck" style really well. Ross Torres over at Mission Local seems to believe these guys are trend-setters. What do you think?


The Zuck: This guy went with an S.F.  style very much associated with tech nerds -- a hoodie and jeans. There's a fine line, though, between being comfortable and looking like you are napping on your couch.

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It is harder for men to pass off some fashion statements as compared to women. Brooches like the one of a cat would look cute on a woman but would raise eyebrows on men. Same thing goes for color codings. Bright, lively or pastel colors fit women perfectly but are frowned upon when donned by men. Thus, men just need to stick with their "manly" all-blacks, gloomy grey hues and those geeky outfits.


@SFWeekly the snazzy dressers are so cute!

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