Police Bust 34 Fugitives in Criminal Sweep

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You probably didn't really notice, but San Francisco streets are actually a little bit safer today.

The cops rounded up a mass of alleged criminals yesterday in a citywide effort to get wanted fugitives behind bars.

Officer Albie Esparza tells us that of the 34 people arrested, 11 were on parole, 14 were booked for felony charges, and nine were booked with misdemeanor warrants.

Police Chief Greg Suhr said that "targeted enforcement such as fugitive apprehension is a key piece of our violence reduction strategy."

If you managed to escape the clutches of the cops this go-round, don't consider yourself lucky just yet. Suhr says he has big plans to conduct many more of these daylong operations to keep "dangerous parolees and wanted fugitives off San Francisco's streets."

You know who you are.

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hplovecraft topcommenter

 File photo of 'a perp'/felon was taken

in '83 ?! Not typical , as per race / appear-

ance , of the dregs I've seen all over the

city , lately.

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