San Francisco: Fly Over and Walk Through City in 1941 (VIDEO)

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As you peer about San Francisco on this fine Friday in 2012, it never hurts to take a moment to consider that this, too, shall pass.

Apropos of nothing, SF Weekly stumbled across an amazing, 26-minute Internet Archive tour over and through San Francisco in 1941 -- in color, no less.

If 26 minutes of soaring over our younger city, watching prop planes land and take off at the old airport, or smiling at curvy roadsters passing virtually unchanged cable cars seems too time-consuming -- this isn't '41, when a man with a high school education could support a family of 27 on factory worker's salary -- worry not. Here's the solution:

You can click on any of these images contained within the film, and watch the corresponding archival footage. Also note a written commentary on what you're seeing, visible here.

Sigh. As George Carlin said, one advantage of living in the past is that it's cheaper. Meet you for lunch at DiMaggio's.

H/T   |   Prelinger Archive, SFCitizen

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