San Francisco Tries to Put an End to Bullying

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He'll shoot your eye out
Now that city officials have successfully gotten more kids to actually go to school, all they have to do it get students to quit bullying their classmates.

To be sure, Mayor Ed Lee and Police Chief Greg Suhr, along with many others, are throwing an anti-bullying bonanza starting tomorrow to brainstorm ways to make bullying less appealing to kids while educating them about the terrible effects bullies have on others.

The two-day summit will begin on Thursday at 10:15 a.m. where more than 3,000 students will pack the Herbst Theater to see a screening of the indie documentary Bully. Afterward, students will have a chance to talk with the director and producer, Lee Hirsch, about the movie.

And there's more.

On Friday, the city will host a Stop Bullying pow-wow to tech kids and their parents how to put an end to the aggressive antics of San Francisco youngsters. They'll talk about potential legislation, policies and programs, and discuss how bullying hurts families. Part of this session will help guide families on how to handle the insidious cyber-bullying that's been linked to teen suicides across the nation.

Summit panelists will include local and national officials, as well as Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabees (aka the book that inspired the film Mean Girls), Facebook's Dave Steer, and Alice Cahn from Cartoon Network.

This very important session will kick off at about the same time most bullies start their emotional and physical abuse -- at  8:30 a.m. sharp.

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@SFWeekly Empower bystanders, the majority, to stand for others. This is the key, we believe @willUstand


@SFWeekly @teenink is giving teens a forum to tell their bullying stories. Pretty shocking stuff. Check it out


@SFWeekly Thanks for sharing. Glad to see a 2 day event for bullying awareness. @willUstand


How about teaching your kids how to defend themselves?? Instead you choose to enhance the Pussification of America with regulation @SFWeekly


 The only way to end Bullying, is to lead by example.  Children have eyes and ears, they hear our Civic Leaders and Politicians slander one another, they watch horrendous reality television that glorifies arguing and name calling.   When it comes to calling someone a bully,  many of us just need to look in the mirror.

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