Sales Tax: San Francisco Left in the Dust

You think you can afford it?
San Francisco is an expensive place to be if you're paying a parking ticketwriting a rent check, or purchasing real estate. We've got that covered.

But, when it comes to obtaining a bottle of juice or bar of soap, we're very reasonable. While San Francisco voters spurned a half-a-percent sales tax hike last year, the electorate elsewhere voted to reach into their own pockets. The sales tax rate in other California cities, including those within hailing distance, has caught and passed San Francisco's.

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Our city's sales tax rate is still 8.5 percent. That's plenty high. But it's not nearly as high as these locales:

South Gate: 9.75 percent
Pico Rivera: 9.75 percent
El Cerrito: 9.25 percent
El Monte: 9.25 percent
Inglewood: 9.25 percent
Santa Monica: 9.25 percent
South El Monte: 9.25 percent
Union City: 9.25 percent
San Leandro: 9 percent

In addition, scores and scores of cities now feature an 8.75 percent sales tax rate (see for yourself on the Board of Equalization website). Conspicuous consumption in San Francisco, it seems, is actually more affordable than in Union City. Who'd have thunk it?

Sure, the East Bay -- home of El Cerrito, Union City, and San Leandro -- has us beat when it comes to being able to live affordably and raise a family. But they're paying for it -- one bar of soap at a time.

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