Romney, Obama Rubber Halloween Masks Sales Will Reveal the Next President

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Well, these would certainly make the debates more fun
When you hear Mitt Romney refer to poor people as deadbeat freeloaders, that's when you know for sure politics has gone to a whole new level of scary.

The only thing that might make Romney appear more ghoulish is if he donned this frightening rubber Mitt Romney Halloween mask while talking smack about poor people.

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Perhaps it's just that sort of spine-chilling rhetoric that's slowing down Mitt Romney Halloween mask sales. Spirit Halloween, the largest seasonal Halloween retailer in the nation, says the declining mask sales are also a pretty good indication of how the GOP presidential candidate is faring among voters to date.

Spirit says it can easily predict who will win this coming presidential election based on how many political masks it sells before All Hallows Eve -- and so far, Romney is losing. Using its unscientific "presidential index," the retailer claims it has predicted the outcome of every presidential election since the mid-'90s.

"The concept of the index is simple; whichever presidential candidate sells the most costume masks leading up to the election is the winner," the company states. Currently, Obama is leading Romney 69 percent to 31 percent in Halloween mask sales.

It's worth noting that those masks will only cost you $22, which is a small price to pay for that hefty government handout you will surely get in return.

So which mask do you think is creepier?
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John LaForgia
John LaForgia

Too expensive for us cheap deadbeat slacker leech.

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