Police Arrest "Tall Guy, Short Guy" in Connection with 11 Robberies

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San Francisco police tracked down the two guys -- one tall, one short -- who they say are responsible for holding up a slew of restaurants, phones stores, and even a hot tub business over the last month.

Officer Carlos Manfredi says police arrested 40-year-old Ray Faar, of San Francisco, and 48-year-old Bryan Alexander, of Daly City, on suspicion of robbing 11 businesses between Aug. 18 and Sept. 16. The duo became famous, not just for their crimes, but for their size; one guy is 5-foot-6 and the other is 5-foot-11; police had some fun with this one, and named the robbery series "tall guy, short guy."

In all 11 robberies, the pair of suspects would enter the business near closing time and pretended to be customers. "Alexander would stand back as a lookout, while Faar jumped onto or walked behind the counter to rob the employees of their cell phones and then stole money from the cash register," Manfredi said. 

During these robberies, Faar was allegedly armed with a handgun while Alexander would move the victims to the rear of the store, ordering them not to follow the suspects, or they'd be shot.

Investigators developed a crime-mapping analysis of these robberies, which eventually led to the identity and arrest of the suspects. On the evening of Sept. 16, investigators spotted two men who matched the description of the suspects; Faar and Alexander were taken into custody on the 1000 block of Market Street right after they finished with their 11th robbery, police said.

Faar and Alexander were booked into San Francisco County Jail on and charged with robbery of a commercial establishment with a gun, conspiracy, and possession of stolen property. Another distinguishing trait between the two: Alexander, a parolee, was charged with a parole violation, while Faar was charged with possession of methamphetamines.

No word on which one was "tall" and which one was "short."

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