PETA Tries to Turn San Francisco Grubbers Off Fish by Wearing Topless Mermaid Outfits

Pass the tarter sauce please
Call us horny, but aren't people supposed to be turned on by topless women? Leave it to PETA to make even that experience unpleasurable.

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals is at it again, dreaming up the foolish and unfathomable in hopes that it can get people to stop being people. However, this time, the animal activist group might have outdone themselves, at least in San Francisco. Three PETA members have vowed to strip off their clothing, slip into a mermaid outfit, and walk around Fisherman's Wharf topless tomorrow afternoon.

The logic is obvious: These sexy sea creatures want you to stop eating fish.

Wearing nothing but a kinky fins, these animal-conscious mermaids will stand outside Fisherman's Wharf -- the hub of San Francisco clam chowder consumption -- holding signs that read, "Sea Life, Not Seafood."

Because fish have feelings too, you know!

"Fish might not be cute and cuddly, but when it comes to feeling pain and having a will to live, they're just like all other animals, says PETA campaigner Matt Bruce. "Scientific studies show that fish are intelligent, sensitive animals who experience pain and fear when they are hooked or netted and pulled from the water."

To prove PETA isn't just engaging us in its crazy talk, Bruce pointed to a recent Fish and Fisheries article that cited more than 500 research papers on fish intelligence. These papers concluded that fish are smart, can use tools, and have impressive long-term memories and sophisticated social structures.

In any event, this lunchtime event will certainly amuse tourists as they chomp down on their gumbo-filled bread bowls.

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How do you "walk around" in a mermaid outfit?

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

So what are we supposed to eat ? PETA hot air ?


@drdrjojo @SFWeekly @waywor87 people eating tasty animals? and fish! PETA...please just go away!


I find that fish tastes like shit, I have not eaten it since 1979 or so, but like john Candy in fishin with musicians, I'm all for killing and maybe eating them.




How can they walk with fins?  


@beaglesrock17 @drdrjojo @SFWeekly lol

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