Occupy SF Grows Up -- Sort Of

A scene from last year, when Occupy was just a baby
Apparently, Occupy is showing some (very small) signs of maturity.

After taking to the streets for a daylong birthday bash, protesters reportedly pitched tents at Justin Herman Plaza last night, longing for the days of doing nothing but hating money and banks.

But much to our surprise, unlike earlier this year, Occupiers actually adhered to the rules, making for a somewhat peaceful night in San Francisco.

See our slideshow of last year's protests.

According to new reports, the protesters didn't trash the place -- there were no bricks or bottles thrown -- and they politely took down their tents by 6 a.m. today so they weren't technically occupying the plaza, which is against city rules. However, it appears that another arm of the group, dubbed Occupy Bay Area United, has claimed a location a "24-hour" occupation site, which will complement the perpetual Occupy living quarters outside the Federal Reserve Bank on Market Street.

If you work anywhere near the Financial District, then you probably already know that some 500 Occupy protesters took to the streets yesterday for a birthday fiesta to observe the movement's first anniversary, which kicked off in New York City. It started as a movement to defend the 99 percent of us who are tired of being poor, but in many cities, like Oakland, Occupy became an ineffective eyesore. Cops eventually rid the area of these small Occupy colonies, using cans of pepper spray and "unnecessary force."

But yesterday, protesters vowed to bring Occupy back, tents and all; the group marched, ate, danced, and burned (fake) money as they chanted: "All day, all year, Occupy is still here."

We'll let you know if Occupy is in fact still there when we walk past Justin Herman Plaza on our way to work today.

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Aparently this writer was to busy coming up with snarky comments to do any real research.  Occupy Bay Area United is not "A second arm of the Occupy group."  It is actualy a seperate Occupy group from the encampment at the Federal reserve bank.  While remaining freindly, with folks in the other group, some of us felt a need to split off and do our own thing due to philosphical differences.  This happened nearly six months ago. So if you noticed that the two camp sites had a different flavor, that's why.


The real OWS has always been peaceful and mature, equally representing men and women, average age 46, average income $62K, average education 3 years college, average family 3.5 members from all cultures and faiths.

Mike Mueller
Mike Mueller

They should Occupy Washington, not Wall Street.

Paul Varga
Paul Varga

Protests are too many people's way of joining a cause they don't believe in just so they can be assholes to other people.

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