Occupy Movement Turns One Year Old on Monday, But Shows No Sign of Growing Up

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Birthday bash, occupy-style
It seems like just yesterday Occupiers had created their own unregulated cities playgrounds in downtowns, hoping this would help combat American poverty.

Here we are a year later, and it's time to ask: What's really changed?

Well, nothing, of course. 

But who gives a damn really, the Occupy Movement is turning 1 year old on Monday, which is a good excuse to party. And how else do you anticipate these disgruntled, jobless folks to celebrate? By tampering with your already rough commute!

Hey, what were you expecting from a baby?

Come Monday, Occupy protesters will "occupy" all day long. That means lots of food, marches, and even money-burning session for protesters.

And for you, the fellow 99 percenter, it probably means lots of traffic. At 5 p.m., occupiers in San Francisco will convene at the usual spot in front of Bank of America, 555 California, for a march/festival. Oh, and there will be a casserole (?), so bring your own spoon.

We contacted Muni to find out if the agency has any specific plans to accommodate commuters, should this planned birthday party get out hand. No word back, yet but we will let you know. 

If you brave souls over in Oakland were hoping for a little bit of this birthday excitement this year, you will be disappointed. It seems protesters from Oakland are planning to join fellow occupiers in Davis that day to protest Monsanto's Oxnard seed distribution facility for its "genetic crimes."

You can get the full celebration schedule here.

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Anyone can see that OWS is peacefully going strong and right on target,  anyone that is not a tea bagger.


Fucking children throwing a tantrum. 


Typical. 1% totally messes up the global economy and hijacks our democracy, and yeah sure, street parties and raising awareness aren't, in and of themselves, going to fix things. But considering all the problems we have in this country, if your biggest concern is some protests causing you traffic, you have some pretty skewed priorities when it comes to what causes you frustration.

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