Obama to Make One Final Stop in Bay Area Before Election Day

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And all he got was this t-shirt
Word on the street is that President Obama will grace the Bay Area with his presence one last time before Election Day, meaning, he would really, really like some more of your money.

According to the Chronicle, the president will make his pitch for pennies -- and lots of them --  on Oct. 8 in an unnamed city that we're guessing isn't going to be Oakland.

Campaign folks haven't yet worked out the details, or at least they aren't ready to divulge them, but they claim the money-making trip won't be much different than what we've seen on his other stops to our fair city. For the average San Franciscan, that means they'll see nothing more than a bitch of a traffic jam upon the president's arrival.

In any event, it makes sense that he'd make a quick stop to liberal land to collect more cash. After all, he needs all the money he can get to convince confused voters over in Nevada to mark his name on the ballot come Election Day.

The last time Obama came to the Bay Area, he spent all his time in the East Bay after promising Oakland Mayor Jean Quan he would give a damn about her city -- for a change.

We'll keep you posted on details of his next trip.

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Voting for OBAMA, does not mean, close eyes and hope for the best.  Voting for OBAMA or any elected official, means keep your eyes wide open and stay current on the issues and promises made.  Americans are not victims, everyone needs to participate on some level, remember our government is by the people for the people.


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