Michelle Obama's Speech Kicked Mitt Romney's Ass on Twitter

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Aside from showing Clint Eastwood how a speech is given sans empty chairs, Michelle Obama's electrifying oration at the Democratic National Convention also nearly broke Twitter.

Let's face it, the First Lady's speech rocked the house last night -- and when we say it rocked, we mean her 25-minute speech on what it's like to love Barack Obama reportedly got 28,003 tweets per minute at its peak. Not that we are keeping score here, but that's nearly double the 14,289 mark Mitt Romney's acceptance speech had last week. And, for the record, Ann Romney's speech generated a mere 6,195 tweets per minute at its peak.

Here's some of our favorite Twitter responses Michelle Obama's speech:



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Laura Palmer-Cobb
Laura Palmer-Cobb

Hers was well scripted as he just talked about whatever came to mind


Look at the change Obama has brought us. He kills and detains americans without trial. He murders goat herders using his autonomous drone army, 30,000 drones and coming to your home soon.


Responsible for the surge and all the deaths in Afghanistan.


He has aided and abetted al queda or the muslim brotherhood in Libya, Egypt and now the murderous fanatics of the FSA in Syria. He cozies up to murderous regimes in saudi, quatar, mayamar and bahrain.


His buddies like corzine can steal from farmers with impunity. He gives get out of jail passes to all of wall street. He's never met a whistleblower he didn't want to see in jail. He's presided over one of the largest expansions of the police state since the truman years. He's created a deal with and armed the mexican sinaloa cartel.


He's continued to sit back as the middle class gets massacred in the class war. His idea of progress is the increased number of middle class on food stamps.


He's cracked down on more dispensaries that BUSH. 


The day I realized OBAMA was BUSH was the day I woke up. Never again will I vote or support that pathetic clown and party who promised everything while stabbing their base in the back.

Paul Varga
Paul Varga

Only SLIGHTLY distracted by the rebel hair curl. :)

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