Shoplifting Mom Ditches 10-Year-Old Daughter to Take the Blame for Stolen Groceries

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What A Mother Fucker
Police are looking for a mother who allegedly packed a cart full of food at a Morgan Hill Safeway, then abandoned her own kid at the store to take the heat from the cops.

According to news reports, Marcy Keelin went to the Safeway store with her 10-year-old daughter about 5 p.m. on Wednesday. The two loaded up on food that they had no plans on paying for.

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Keelin reportedly told her daughter to wait inside the store, near the exit doors, while she got their car. The girl's job was to push the cart out of the store as soon as she saw her mom pulling up.

Obviously, there was no backup plan. Store officials busted the girl as she walked out the store with the groceries in tow. Mom saw this unfold, and so she did what any terrible mother would do -- she drove away, leaving the kid to clean up her mess.

The girl was never charged with a crime, and now police are looking for Keelin, who is still on the lam, according to police. She is 5-foot-11, weighing about 200 pounds; she has brown hair and brown eyes and might be traveling with her boyfriend. She was last seen driving a green Ford Explorer with a Wyoming license plate number 411118.

ABC News caught up with Keelin's father-in-law in Wyoming by phone, and he's says he's not one bit surprised by any of this news. Nice family.

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