London Breed's F-Bomb Fallout

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London Breed for District 5 Supervisor
Because she doesn't give a fuck
If Supervisor Chris Daly has taught us anything about San Francisco, it's that we really don't give a fuck how bad a potty mouth our city leaders have. But for some (political) reason, District 5 supervisor candidate London Breed's profanity-laced diatribe against Willie Brown has not sat well with Da Mayor and his cohorts.

In Case you missed this awe-inspiring rant in the Fog City Journal last month, here it is:

Willie Brown didn't wipe my ass when I was a baby -- my grandmother took care of me. He hasn't been there through the thick and the thin when I had to grow up and watch at 12 years old a bullet get put in somebody's head. You think I give a fuck about a Willie Brown at the end of the day when it comes to my community and the shit that people like Rose Pak and Willie Brown continue to do and try to controls things. They don't fucking control me -- you go ask them why wouldn't you support London because she don't do what the hell I tell her to do. I don't do what no motherfucking body tells me to do.
Obviously, the machine at City Hall isn't going to let this powerful motherfucking prose slide.

Breed, who has been at odds with Brown after she disobeyed him and decided to run for office, posted this photo on her Facebook page:

Thumbnail image for 282082_4595537443604_1491163991_n.jpg

We haven't been able to reach Breed, but the following words did accompany this photo on her Facebook page, which gives us some idea of how she's planning to spin this:

"We know who is behind this attack. The same people who want to keep the mayors appointee in office. Really sad. They could have at least used a union printer."

That's a great fucking point.

Coda: If Breed's tirade sounds like something Samuel L. Jackson would just kill in a line-reading, perhaps this could be arranged. He's a donor to her campaign

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GTFOH...Ms. London " FAILING" Breed has got the un-political savvy blacks in Fillmore on her side, who buy all the talking point bullshit she spews, yet what the hell has she done to really progress their cause? And having Samuel Jackson support you is as bad as, Samuel Jackson being considered an "actor". He doesn't LIVE in district 5, so FUCK his support.

Ms. Breed is in the hands of white wanna be power players in the City, and she's doing her bidding , which is to attack Olague. How come she doesn't talk about the issues or her personal, " specific" agenda? She's a pawn, in a fight against who has popular power. She's too caught up in her " cat fighting" reputation, to realize she's the one being "played". You can't " cuss out" the people who put you where you are...and expect to flourish. Wake up fools.


Who else has anything to gain by trying to derail London's campaign for supervisor? Violating several laws in the process of attacking LONDON BREED for being honest is a sure way to turn off reasonable San Francisco voters. Pak and Company should be ashamed to stoop so low. We know who can really deliver on dealing with the issues in D5, and the City. The acting supervisor has squandered her nine months in City Hall, with nothing to show for collecting her paycheck from the taxpayers. Anybody but Olague. One RCV choice for Breed if you want your vote to count in the final round.

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