Angry Teen Arrested After Allegedly Biting, Punching His Dog Named Tequila

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This isn't Tequila but man this dog is cute
This isn't a man bites dog story. This is a man bites and allegedly beats his dog story -- and that's even worse.

San Francisco Police Capt. Greg Corrales tells SF Weekly that on Saturday, a witness called the cops after he allegedly saw 18-year-old Tyler Anderson twice punch his female pit bull in the head, and then slam her against his car, which was parked near Fell and Clayton streets.

The witness, who had been inside his apartment at the time, said he heard the dog squealing in pain; he yelled to the suspect from the apartment window, but Anderson reportedly ignored him. 

When police arrived, they found Anderson sitting in his gray Jetta. The pup was tied to rear tire of the car, Corrales said. When the cops asked him about the incident, Anderson denied beating the dog, Tequila, but admitted he put the pup in a "submissive position" and bit her ear twice to "discipline her."
When officers ran a computer check on Anderson, they discovered he had warrant for his arrest in Santa Cruz County. Police then spoke with the witness who said that Anderson -- described as a white man with dreadlocks and a purple shirt -- was indeed the guy he saw hitting the dog.

Police said they did not see any visible injuries on Tequila, nor did the dog seem distressed. However, Anderson was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty; he was booked into San Francisco County Jail and sweet Tequila was taken to the vet to get checked out before she was released to Animal Care and Control, Corrales said.

Sadly, poor Tequila probably felt the same way most people who drink too much Jose Cuervo feel the morning after.

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Ah. Mixed feelings. I definitely used force while training my terrier pup. I still will get looks from know-nothings if I have to go alpha on him in public. I worry about a pit in animal control. Hopefully she is fine and makes her way to some home. Oh, and I would be angry too if some lame busy body called the cops on me...


It's cruel bullshit, no matter what you may think. @kachibabe


 @pikeman  Neither you nor I can say that because we didn't see it, and there are way too many people who have been the victim of misperception. (Hello, Trayvon Martin). The article states the police saw NO signs of abuse or mistreatment, and the dog was NOT in any kind of distress. Dogs are sensitive, and usually show it when they are mistreated. The only distress that dog probably felt was being separated from her person. All I'm saying is that this could JUST as easily be a case of nosy neighbor sticking their nose in where they shouldn't be, as a case of animal cruelty. I once had the police come to my house because my mom is crazy and when I didn't pick up my phone for a day, decided I was in grave danger. Straight up LOJACKED the location of my cell phone, and sent the police. THEN, after that humiliation, I had to deal with my landlord coming over to inquire about why the police were visiting me, because a NOSY, BUSYBODY neighbor felt it was her "duty" to inform him of police presence at his property. I'm no lawyer, but I did a couple years of law school, and one thing I learned is that credible evidence is everything, and this situation is nothing but a bunch of hearsay. 

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