Cops Bust Teens Robbing Man on his Cell Phone

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Talk about a call interrupted.

A San Francisco man was trying to make a call while in the Tenderloin when he was accosted and robbed by four rude teens.

The incident happened just before midnight on Aug. 19, when the 42-year-old man was walking on the 300 block of Turk Street. When he stopped to use his phone, four dudes accosted him. One of the guys pushed him to the ground, demanding he hand over his cell phone.

The phone had fallen from the man's hands, and while the suspects combed the sidewalk, looking for the phone, a fourth suspect continued to demand the man give them the phone, said Officer Carlos Manfredi.
Coincidentally, two cops were driving up Turk Street and noticed the excitement, with four people "grouped together on the sidewalk." The officers heard a scream and then saw one of these subjects shove another person to the ground.

The cops pulled over and walked toward the group of men. As the officers neared, the four subjects looked right at the approaching law enforcers and hauled ass in the other direction. Two of the suspects ran west on Turk Street, while the other two ran eastbound.

The officers radioed for assistance and chased after the fleeing suspects. Upon reaching the corner of Turk and Hyde street, polics saw the first suspect -- later identified as a 17-year-old male from Antioch --  allegedly climb over a gate into a locked parking lot. The second suspect, 18-year-old Lawrence Phipps, couldn't make it over the fence. However, Phipps, also an Antioch resident, ignored the officers' multiple commands to lay down on the ground before he finally did it, police said.

Phipps was taken into custody while additional officers responded to the area, assisting in the search. The 17-year-old suspect was located in the parking lot, hiding under a parked van and was taken into custody. A third suspect, Malcom Ireland, 20, of Oakley, was detained at McAllister and Market streets.

The victim positively identified all three suspects as being involved in the robbery, and the victim's cell phone was also found in the possession of one the suspects, Manfredi says. The juvenile was booked at the Juvenile Justice Center while Phipps and Ireland were booked into County Jail.

All three were charged with robbery, conspiracy, and resisting or delaying an officer. The fourth suspect fled the area and is still on the lam.

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hplovecraft topcommenter

"Criminal by nature." Even Che Guevara knew this...


So basically, robberies are so common in this city that random patrol officers have a good chance of just coming across one in progress?

hplovecraft topcommenter

 @loinmastersf Yes 'but' it was 5 days short of

'one (1) month' later , before this incident was reported..

Had to be 'cleared' by 'preachers' and others in their

community , first.. "P.C."

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