Jesse W. Nesbitt, Accused Brick-Tosser, Is Missing Occupy's Birthday Due to Court Date

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Isn't really the life of the party
While the rest of his casserole-eating cohorts march through the streets of San Francisco today to observe Occupy's first birthday, 34-year-old Jesse W. Nesbitt, the perpetual object-tosser at Occupy protests, has been forced to decline that party invite.

Instead, the protester will spend the day in court, answering to accusations of lobbing bricks at and using a metal pipe against protesters and police officers at the May 1 Occupy SF protest. According to prosecutors, Nesbitt heaved bricks from the rooftop of 888 Turk Street, hitting at least one person in the face.

He's been charged with two felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, two felony counts of assault upon a police officer with a deadly weapon, and one count of felony vandalism. His bail has been set at $500,000.
Nesbitt is the same character who flung a bottle at a city employee back when Occupy SF was camped out at Justin Herman Plaza. He was arrested then, too, and booked on assault charges.

So when you protesters take to the streets to celebrate the Occupy movement today, if you get that urge to rip badges off police officers and punch people standing in the ATM line, just think about Nesbitt. He's your cautionary tale for today.

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