iPhone 5 Release: Indolent Consumers Can Now Hire Someone to Wait in Line for Them

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Now that's what we call the modern day American Dream
Wouldn't it be great if Siri could go pick up your new iPhone for you while you loaf away on the sofa?

Well, maybe she won't, but guess what -- someone will.

With a few taps of your iPhone 4, you can hire local "TaskRabbits" (aka unemployed people, retired people, and really nice people) to wait in that long-ass line so you can get your iPhone 5 the morning it's released. You can purchase this real person (feelings included) who will wait in line for you for as long as four hours on Sept. 21 -- and it will only cost you $55.

Here 's how it works: Go to the iPhone 5 Product Page, select the Apple store nearest you and click "Buy Now." And you are done.

Once you have made your transaction for your warm body, a TaskRabbit will contact you within 48 hours and, come Sept. 21, hold your spot in line while you snooze away comfortably in bed. When your rabbit gets ready to purchase the phone, you two will swap places.

"You've waited long enough for the iPhone 5, why should you have to wait in line too?" the company posits.

How lazy -- and brilliant?

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