Hippies to Descend on Golden Gate Park This Weekend for Human Be-In

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Supposedly this is the place to be
Here's a weekend event for you really free spirits who can't seem to shake those post-Burning Man blues.

A massive group of humans is planning to make its way to Golden Gate Park this weekend for the 2012 Human Be In, where reincarnated hippies will do what they do best: eat, dance, and just, well, be.

It's like Occupy minus the pepper spray.

So here's your excuse to ditch out on work early on Friday; the event starts at 3 p.m. when San Francisco's modern-day dissenters will plop down at 780 Frederick St. The beings organizing this fest have asked that you bring materials to help them build a better world together.

In other words, bring your own spoon.

"This is a big tradition in San Francisco -- people gathering freely to share music and discussions," Ryan Rising, one of the event's organizers, told the Examiner. "We feel like it's kind of fading away."

But as the Examiner politely notes, the event is really a big F-you to the city's Recreation and Park Department, for so many reasons, including the city's practice of profiting from private corporate-sponsored events in public spaces. In particular, they're mad about how much money was made from the successful annual Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, and they're not happy about the eviction fight over a recycling center and plant nursery at Golden Gate Park's Kezar Triangle.

No word on whether police will be there to shut down this unpermitted event.

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Fire Phil Ginsburg and tell Rich Guy Rec and Park Chairman Mark Buell to get stuffed.

Stop fencing and locking our public parks and renting them to rich people and corporations for private parties. 


@MuscleSF lol break out the air fresheners..HERE THEY COME!


@atpcyclexxx Yeah, bearded, long-haired white dudes locked in a 1960s time warp with their unwashed dreads to preserve water. Yuck!

HippieChild like.author.displayName 1 Like

Just In case you weren't at the first "Be In", there's more then one kind of Hippie, just like there is more then one kind of Christian, Democrat, Republican, Man, Woman etc etc.  Some Hippies were called 'flower children' nice but naive,  'dirty hippies' kind took advantage of the 'flower children', 'back to the land' Hippies were environmentalist, we also had right-wing conservative Hippies and liberal progressive Hippies. Although we don't wear the same costumes, we are still all here, but now you call us Mayor, Doctor, Professor, Pastor, Mother, Father etc etc.

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